Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pinkie Sours


~ None of the Calories… All of the Guilt ~
Let’s see… on what shall we blame my hiatus from Kimmers?  The post-Super Bowl doldrums?  Warm sun, spring rains, and the coinciding lure of gardening?  A preoccupation with landing and now working the new job?  An unshakable addiction to Burn Notice?  Allergies?  House projects?  Ringing phones?  Barking dogs?  Facebook?  <gasp!>  Not Facebook...!

The truth is that it’s all of these things and more all rolled up under the big heading we call Life.  And the truth is I have had an overwhelming sense of guilt, because I get these online reports that show folks are still visiting Kimmers in the Kitchen.  It’s a guilt worse than eating an entire row of Double Stufs.  I mean, worse than the look on Colby’s face after he stole (and wolfed down!) almost an entire pizza off the counter.   Worse, I say, WORSE than any mother can hand down to her child in one flippant comment.  The guilt was paralyzing.

I agonized over which recipe to post and accumulated a sizeable backlog in the process.  No recipe seemed suitable to accompany my return.  Summer, however, can cure a lot of what ails ya.  So with temps hitting 90 already, a summer tradition resurfaced.  That's when I had my recipe epiphany.

The heart and soul of said tradition is a Keeper that was borne of a Christmas gift that needed a purpose.  Several years ago, HotDog was generously given a very, very fine whiskey in a lovely purple velvet bag cinched with a silky gold cord.  You know the kind, don’t you now?  I KNOW you know.  As we are were not ones who have had an affinity for whiskey, this bottle sat in the cupboard for quite a long time.  Then summer came!  I had a craving and went to work concocting a whiskey sour that was worthy of the title Keeper.

We are now into our third summer enjoying this drink on our patio.  We’ve relaxed with them after challenging and stressful days at work.  We’ve clinked our double old-fashioneds and raised them in toasts with friends.  We’ve bragged shamelessly about having the best whiskey sour recipe ever.  We’ve even shared it with a few.  I figure it’s time to share it here, too.  We lovingly call them Pinkie Sours.  The recipe will tell you why.

Pinkie Sours

6 ounces of fresh-squeezed lemon juice (takes about 4-5 lemons)
6 Tablespoons sugar
15 ounces of water
9 ounces of top-shelf whiskey
maraschino cherries and juice

The first step is to make your homemade sours mix.  Do this by combining the lemon juice and water.  Add sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

Add that mighty fine whiskey to the sours mixture.

** Note:  Once HotDog and I finished that first gifted bottle, a well-intended acquaintance implored me to save some money and use a more economical brand of whiskey for future sours.  The reasoning was that any difference would be undetectable since it will be masked by the other ingredients.  I fell for the practicality.  Let me tell you, “IT IS NOT SO, FRIENDS!”  Learn from my error and get the really good stuff.  It makes all the difference.  Really.  Truly. **

Pour about 6 or 7 ounces into a double old fashioned glass.  You can add your preference of cubed or crushed ice at this point and be quite pleased with your creation.  However, if you want to send this drink over the moon and bestow upon it the title of Pinkie Sour, add a couple maraschino cherries and a splash or two (aka a generous teaspoon) of cherry juice.

Stir it up.  Drink it up.  Don’t drive.

Makes about 6 cocktails.


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