Bloody Mary

I crave a Bloody Mary after every race. The tradition started last December at the Jingle Bell Run post-race party. I'm not a beer drinker, and it was way too early for wine. Amid the festive atmosphere, I wrinkled my nose and dismissed the thought of ordering water. Then I saw someone with a Bloody Mary. Of course! Sensible AND nutritious. It matched my elf costume, too.

Let me just say this outfit was not a great choice, but not for the reasons you probably think are obvious.  

-- First of all, dangly necklaces bounce around all willy-nilly when running. The novelty of the cute little flashing Christmas lights wears off quick.

-- Second of all, running on a 50-degree day with a long sleeve shirt, a fleece, glovelets and a synthetic hat made me want to peel off my clothes like Ricky Bobby when he thought he was on fire, which I didn't.

-- Third of all, it's a little known fact that tutus ride up. No pic for that, so feel free to use your imagination and laugh heartily.

-- Fourth of all, I didn't wear the right socks. One of them crept way down into my shoe, forcing me to stop, yank it off, and cram my shoe back on.

Crossing the  finish line looked like this:  elevated tutu; glovelets and hat in one hand; unruly sock, necklace and cell phone in the other. I DESERVED that Bloody Mary! Actually, I ended up deserving two.

Since then, I've been working on my own recipe for a Bloody Mary. Recipe development can be so fun, as Doug and I happily sipped our way through the trials. Yesterday I wrote down the quantities and took a pic. Here's the Keeper. Cheers!

Bloody Mary
1 shot vodka
1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon Frank's Original Red Hot cayenne pepper sauce
1/2 teaspoon brine from olive jar
1/2 cup Tabasco Brand Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
2 green olives
celery stick
smidgen (~ 2 turns of pepper mill) fresh ground black pepper, to taste
ice cubes

Add ice to a 12-ounce glass until about 3/4 full. Add vodka, worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper sauce, olive brine, and bloody mary mix. Stir. Garnish with olives, celery stick, and black pepper.

Calories:  103
Carbs:  7 g
Fat:  1 g
Protein:  1 g
Sodium:  1237 mg  (yeah, it's a bit high...)